This is a new concept and frankly, we need video footage to demo our Jams.  So, if you have an upcoming wedding or quince, and you are the first to book with us, we will have a JamInTheMix at your event at a huge discount.


We can bring our flat screen TV’s and mixes and either perform with your DJ or bring our own.  Here’s how the discounted pricing would work:


1.  If we are going to work with your Band or DJ we will discount our normal price $500.  So our price would be $300 for up to 3 hours and $100 for each additional hour.


2.  If you want us to bring our own, specially trained DJ it would be $1,000 for the DJ for 4 hours and our discounted JamInTheMix price of $300 for 3 hours and $100 for each additional hour.


3.  Any custom mixes are priced:

$100 additional for 1 custom mix

$200 additional for 3 custom mixes

$500 additional for 7 custom mixes


This special offer is available to the ones who reserve first.  Just call or text 619 616-8908 and ask for Jim.