Why It Is Better Than Karaoke

  It’s simular to Karaoke but much better.  With Karaoke you sing with an imaginary band. . . in a JamInTheMix you sing and play with a real band!


The beat never ends . . . it is a Mix . . . so that people always have the option to dance.  When was the last time you saw people dancing at a Karaoke Bar?


It’s better because it is not just singing, put jamming with real instruments.  If you are not a musician who sings or plays an instrument you can dance or lip sync.  


It’s better because people who are just starting out playing guitar, piano or singing can perform . . . and get better!  They can get better by purchasing the jams from our website and practice before the night of the Jam.

It’s better because you can bring your own guitar and jam in the audience.  


It’s better because you never have to sit thru 5 minutes of torture listening to some drunk singing out of tune. . . . (and then having to be forced to clap and pretend that you really liked it).


It’s more fun because we give a person in the crowd to be our talent scout.  Their job is to roam the stage and the crowd and find the talent.  They have a wireless mic and when they hear a good singer or player they mic them so that everybody can hear. 


Our exclusive Video Chord Charts© allow non-musicians, Pro’s and everyone in-between to Jam.  This way, just about everyone in the audience can experience the absolute high of jamming.  That’s why we say – “We make a party out of jamming!”  

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