My Purpose in Doing This


I am a Christian.  To some people who have a distorted view of Christians, that means that I am a part of a hate group – a group that hates gays or people with opposing views.  I know that that is not true – simply because of who I put my faith in.

My faith is the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus died to redeem all the people on this planet – whether you are LGBT, black, mexican, a sex addict, a drug addict, smoke marijuana, poor, rich, a failure, successful – EVERYONE!


I am a Christian and I can say I have never even been buzzed a day in my life – never got drunk or smoked anything.  But believe me, I have issues . . . and if you ever talk to me personally, I will be happy to get specific.  That’s because my mantra in this life is John 8:32 . . . “You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”


My personal translation of that verse is:  “Jim, you know the Truth – NOW let It set you free!”  Because I have a musical background, that Truth for me is felt deepest when I just let myself get off in the Truth that I find in music.  When I let myself Jam in this way . . . well, there is no more freeing experience for me.


If you are a musician and you have been in a Jam Session, I think you can relate – even if you are not a Christian.  There can be no more freeing experience than the feeling you get when you are jamming with other musicians.  You are connecting with people, you are becoming a better musician and you feel fantastic doing it.  There may be no more freeing experience for you.


I am not a great musician but I love Jamming!  I guess that was my motivation in coming up with a notation system that I call my Video Chord Charts©.  This allows average musicians like myself to jam with other musicians – beginners to pros.


So I want to be Truthful and upfront with you.  I have an agenda with this Start Up of a business.  I will use this new idea that I have been given to use music to introduce people to Christians and by that, introduce them to the Person of Christ.


So when we get this thing going in clubs and restaurants, I will have an evening schedule something like this:


  • 7-8PM – Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music

  • 8 – 12 AM – Rock, Country, Latin, EDM and Hip Hop

(Go to to see the specific songs that will be played.  You can download the songs to practice for the Jam.)


This way, we always start the evening jamming to worship music.  People that don’t like that kind of music, can simply come at a later time.  


I will be approaching Pastors and Worship Leaders about helping us to start jams in their communities by inviting the worship bands and players in their churches to come and be a part of our Jams.  By literally sharing and jamming they will have opportunities to connect and share their faith with people who are not familiar with authentic Christianity.


Thank You. . . Jim Dillehay, originator of