Month: March 2018

Why It’s Better!

  Why It Is Better Than Karaoke   It’s simular to Karaoke but much better.  With Karaoke you sing with an imaginary band. . . in a JamInTheMix you sing and play with a real band!   The beat never ends . . . it is a Mix . . . so that people always have the option to dance.  When was the last time you saw people dancing at a Karaoke Bar?   It’s better because it is not just singing, put jamming with real instruments.  If you are not a musician who sings or plays an instrument you can dance or lip sync.     It’s better because people who are just starting out playing guitar, piano or singing can perform . . . and get better!  They can get better by purchasing the jams from our website and practice before the night of the Jam. It’s better because you can bring your own guitar and jam in the audience.     It’s better because you never have to sit thru 5 minutes of torture listening to some drunk singing out of tune. . . . (and then having to be forced to clap and pretend that you really liked it).   It’s more fun because we give a person in the crowd to be our talent scout.  Their job is to roam the stage and the crowd and find the...

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My Purpose in Doing This

    My Purpose in Doing This   I am a Christian.  To some people who have a distorted view of Christians, that means that I am a part of a hate group – a group that hates gays or people with opposing views.  I know that that is not true – simply because of who I put my faith in. My faith is the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus died to redeem all the people on this planet – whether you are LGBT, black, mexican, a sex addict, a drug addict, smoke marijuana, poor, rich, a failure, successful – EVERYONE!   I am a Christian and I can say I have never even been buzzed a day in my life – never got drunk or smoked anything.  But believe me, I have issues . . . and if you ever talk to me personally, I will be happy to get specific.  That’s because my mantra in this life is John 8:32 . . . “You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”   My personal translation of that verse is:  “Jim, you know the Truth – NOW let It set you free!”  Because I have a musical background, that Truth for me is felt deepest when I just let myself get off in the Truth that I find in music.  When I let myself...

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