How a Jam Works

  • The setting can be a drum circle, music store, country club restaurant, Church, wedding, a party in a home or event 

  • Before the party, people are encouraged to bring their own cajons, ukuleles, acoustic guitars to be able to play, sing, rap and/or dance and with each song

  • The DJ/Producer and Band members are amplified. . . people in the audience are acoustic

  • The DJ/Producer gives a wireless mic to someone from the audience and tells them they get to play “Talent Scout”.  Their job is to mic the talent!

  • The DJ/Producer loads a music video in deck 1 that has our Video Chord Charts© overlayed with the lyrics and the guitar chords.

  • In deck 2, the DJ/Producer syncs up either a version minus the lead vocal or just a synced beat so that when that deck is played, you only hear the live instruments.

  • Now you are ready to have a Jam Party!

  • The DJ/Musician produces a gives a simple beat (based on the upcoming song)