The Business Plan

  • It begins with finding a like minded, Christian Partner who believes in the concept. My first choice would be someone like a Garth Brooks.  The Partner would need to be able to provide musical contacts and needed capital.

  • Jim Dillehay is willing to give up to 50% of the business to the right partner (50% of the profits).  Jim would retain the right of the final decision on the direction of the business

  • Partner would have the option to negotiate with other investors.  The Partner would pay the investors with his percentage of the business

EX:  Partner just provides contacts and help with no capital investment on his own. To raise the capital needed, he decides to give up 20% of his share to 2 outside capital investors . . . in that case the Partner would still have 30% of the business.  NOTE:  We might even decide to bring in outside investors by auditioning for Shark Tank

  • Partner would always retain the option of opting out of the business at any time – but would lose all of their percentage rights.  If Jim felt need to cancel the agreement with the partner – Jim would need to re-emburse the Partner all of the fees that they have incurred.



  • Pursue seeing the viability of this concept – does it work?

  • Supply the initial basic mixes

  • Manage the website

  • Provide research

  • Train the Jam Bands

  • Jim informs Partner what fees and percentages need to be paid

  • Discuss with Partner any advantages or disadvantages to establishing the business in Mexico


  • Raise the capital needed needed to present a quality, legal product

  • Host up to 4 home parties to demo the concept and develop a core from which to build the concept

  • First party would be for a mostly Christian audience

  • The concept would be used as an outreach, to bring people, thru the message of the music, to Christ

  • The second would be for a secular crowd

  • After the first 2 home parties Jim would need to be paid $400 a week plus expenses

  • Help with finding talent needed for bands (again, Mario is perfect!)

  • Be our Pitch Man!

  • Arrange to purchase the equipment needed

  • Arrange to pay for any future employees needed

  • Arrange to pay the talent for the Jam Band (until we start booking the band)

Three Phases

Test the Market and Gigs

Web Development & Monetization

Selling to Celebrity and Amazon Streaming







How the Concept Came About

I have been a DJ and musician for 35 years.  Done a couple of thousand events. Had some great moments working and connecting with a crowd.  But I don’t care how good I am as a performer, there is one performer, one moment, that I am always happy to witness:

That great, spontaneous moment, when a person from the crowd

knocks it out of the park!


It doesn’t happen at every event.  But, it usually starts with a person coming up to me, while the party is rockin’, and asks to sing, play an instrument, lip sync or dance to a song.

I mean, what would you do?  This could totally bomb, and the person totally humiliate themselves – or it could be an amazing moment!  Hey, I don’t know this person from Adam but after asking the host – I let the person do their thing.

It is the worst feeling for me when they bomb.  But, when they blow everyone in the crowd away – it’s truly a magical moment!

Top 5 Celebrity Singers Surprised by Fan’s Singing Skills

Top 5 Celebrity Singers Surprised by Fan’s Singing Skills Pt2

Example from You Tube (Rick Muchow, about 55 seconds in)

6 year old GIRL SINGING heavy metal music Live at ‘America has

That’s why I came up with the concept of JamInTheMix.com.  I want to see more of those spontaneous moments and give a framework to make that happen.


I am also a former High School Music teacher.  That’s why I not only want this to be a vehicle for a good time, but also an incentive for people to raise their musical and artistic abilities.  I know for me, I practice a lot more when I know that I have a performance coming up.

That’s what a JamInTheMix gives – a chance to perform!  There are many musicians, dancers, comedians and artists who may not have an entire show worked out.  But they can Jam for 20 seconds – and that’s all you need to party!

Come join us!


          Jim & his beautiful wife