What Is a JamInTheMix?

It’s simular to Karaoke but much better.  With Karaoke you sing with an imaginary band. . . in a JamInTheMix you sing and play with a real band!


It’s better because you play with real instruments.  If you are not a musician we have you play an African Congas, bongos or a cajon.  We feel everyone can play a steady beat.  That’s all you need to be able to jam with us.


Please Forgive the Following Poorly Shot Video

It serves the purpose of demoing how a JamInTheMix would work



It’s better because you bring your own guitar and you get to jam with our live band.  You only need to be able to play simple chords.  You can even make mistakes, because you are acoustic and our band is amplified so people will not hear your mistakes.  But, here’s the important thing, the more Jams you come to, the better you become.  Why?  Because now you are in a fun, safe environment where you can be inspired by great musicians to get better!


The same applies if you are a person who wants to learn how to  sing.  Unlike Karaoke, we use a human voice, not a highlighter effect, to guide and support you while you sing.  When we feel you are ready to sing without the lead vocal – we instantly remove the lead vocal – and you are on your own until we feel you need the lead vocal to come back.


It’s more fun because we give a person in the crowd to be our talent scout.  Their job is to roam the crowd and mic the talent for a few phrases.  The person they are amplifying  must be singing or playing on pitch and with the music.  In that way, we surprise the audience with the unknown talent in the audience.


Our exclusive Video Chord Charts© allow non-musicians, Pro’s and everyone in-between to Jam by playing instruments, singing, dancing, rapping and beat-boxing to recorded music.  We make a party out of jamming!  

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How a Jam Works

  • The setting can be a drum circle, music store, country club restaurant, Church, wedding, a party in a home or event 

  • Before the party, people are encouraged to bring their own cajons, ukuleles, acoustic guitars to be able to play, sing, rap and/or dance and with each song

  • The DJ/Producer and Band members are amplified. . . people in the audience are acoustic

  • The DJ/Producer gives a wireless mic to someone from the audience and tells them they get to play “Talent Scout”.  Their job is to mic the talent!

  • The DJ/Producer loads a music video in deck 1 that has our Video Chord Charts© overlayed with the lyrics and the guitar chords.

  • In deck 2, the DJ/Producer syncs up either a version minus the lead vocal or just a synced beat so that when that deck is played, you only hear the live instruments.

  • Now you are ready to have a Jam Party!

  • The DJ/Musician produces a gives a simple beat (based on the upcoming song)


Other Examples

Again, we list the sets we will be doing for the show.  That way, a person can practice before the Jam.  


Online Examples to Come!

The core of the band can be as small as 1-3 performers 

1.  A Singing DJ (the Producer)

2.  A Singing Guitar Player (the Leader)

3.  A Musician who roams the crowd with a wireless mic

looking for people that can jam with the band (the Director)

  • So with the aid of Video Chord Charts ©, guitar players in the crowd can easily know the chord progression of all the songs that the band plays

  • A very important ingredient is that the people in the crowd are not amplified until they are amplified by the wireless mic

  • The guitar and ukulele players in the crowd don’t have to be professional, they just need to be able to read the guitar chords that are being displayed

  • The players and singers in the crowd can practice days before the party by going to our website and downloading our mixes

  • We will advertise the times and what songs we will be playing at the venue

  • So the DJ/VJ lays down a mix with the band and people in the crowd spontaneously jam and play along and dance with the live band

  • A great way for a performer or band to connect with an audience

  • It makes a party out of jamming


What Makes it Different?

  • First – it has never been done like this before – it’s like a new game that one can do at a party

  • The audience doesn’t just sit there and listen or dance to a song they’ve heard a thousand times – they actually get in to the music – see the actual lyrics, play the chords, feel it and become part of the song

  • You don’t have to be a great musician to jam – just be able to sing, beatbox, rap expressively, play a simple beat or be able to read guitar chords

  • We also will develop other ways for people that don’t sing or play an instrument can jam

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Practice to be The Best

  • People can practice the jams days before the party by downloading or playing our online sets

  • We give updates as to when and where we will be playing and even the time each song or mix will be played. . . this gets you ready to perform at the party so you can feel good about your performance

  • The goal is to give the great, and even the person who is not a musician, a framework to perform and an incentive to get better as a singer and player!

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  •  Great for private home parties, weddings, store openings, corporate events, worship and for established bands to have a different way to connect with their audience



Here’s why it is NOT karaoke:


      . . . .  In karaoke you sing a long solo, usually by yourself with

                      an imaginary band – you can be unbearable to outstanding

      . . . . With JamInTheMix you sing or play maybe 15 – 30 seconds with a real band

                     who jams with you

      . . . . The BAND chooses the songs from their music sets

      . . . . The BAND chooses the people from the crowd to jam with

      . . . . There is ALWAYS A BEAT for people to dance. . . . most of the songs

                     are up-beat and geared toward getting a crowd moving

      . . . . You sing from a chord chart with lyrics, the kind a band will use – not

                     highlighted lyrics

      . . . . If you are a singer, it’s the next step up from singing karaoke

      . . . . It makes you a better singer and performer because you are playing &

                      singing with professionals!


Ways to Jam



                                    Play Rhythm Guitar

Lip Sync to a Hit


                                  Perform in a Comedy Jam Mix


Beat Box



Play Lead Guitar

Do Percussion on a Cajon

                                           Oil Panting on Canvas – and sell your work

Give us a suggestion

something artistic where people express their craft!



Our First Online Jams

Here’s the links to view and practice the music for our first music jams:

Hooked On a Feelin – Voice and Full Accompaniment

Hooked On a Feelin – Full Accompaniment

Proud Mary – Voice and Full Accompaniment

Proud Mary – Voice and Click

Sign of the Times – Voice and Full Accompaniment

Sign of the Times – Full Accompaniment